Karenni State

Karenni map

Karenni is the smallest state in Burma. It borders Thailand and shares state boundries with Shan State and Karen State.

Prior to 1947 it was known as the Karenni States. In 1951 the Burmese government renamed it to Kayah State, however the name Karenni or Karenni State is still commonly used outside Burma.

Karenni is sparsly populated, with the total population being 200,000-300,000. It is divided into seven townships. The state capital is Loikaw.

There has been a long-running conflict in Karenni State which has resulted in a large number of people being displaced. It is also one of the poorest areas in Burma.

Kayah Woman in traditional dressKarenni State is ethnically diverse with the largest Karenni sub-groups being the Kayah, Kayan and Kayaw.

In addition to the native Karenni a large number of Karen and Shan live in Karenni State.

The Kayan villages occupy the northern part of Karenni, between Deemawso and Loikaw and extending into Shan State.



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